Whether you're a property holder or business or mechanical customer, we offer the bug control administrations you'll requirement for both inside and outside concerns. We have the experience and successful strategies important to handle bugs, ants, silverfish, creepy crawlies, termites, rodents, insects, mosquitoes and numerous different nuisances.

Green Earth Pest Control is fully insured to meet any commercial liability needs required of pest control services in Dhaka Division. All of our service employees are licensed Pest Control Services "Certified" and highly trained and experienced to handle applications in multiple categories. We have a solid reputation for integrity at Green Earth Pest Control.

We utilize just top evaluation items and chemicals from driving makers. We can as a rule give you exact value gauges on the telephone. We are masters in giving bug annihilation arrangements, and the finest bug control administrations in the Gulf Coast region.

Green Earth Pest Control Specializes in the Treatment of:
Fire Ants
Grub Worms
Chinch Bugs
Sod Webworms
General, quarterly vermin control administration in Dhaka Division keeps significantly more bug issues than are determined in the surety. The administration is ensured to keep a wide range of cockroaches, all ants and silverfish for 90 days. Since various inside ants are hard to forestall, we utilize a mix of non-repellent pesticides and snares to wipe out the province wherever it is. Every administration incorporates an exhaustive inside and outside pesticide application, lure and trap position as required, and a visual review of available zones for termites. A wood-destroying insect report is not included, but the included inspection is the same.

While the pest control service technician is at your home he can spray the lawn for a discounted price if there is a problem with mosquitoes, chinch bugs, fire ants or any other pests.

The Accompanying Measures may Enhance the Viability of the our Vermin Control Administrations:


Green Earth pest control, we provides 6 Monthy guaranty of Cockroach control service.Cockroaches is the most widely recognized creepy crawly on the planet. We find cockroaches anyplace on the planet. Its convey such a variety of unsafe illnesses and germs. So it is exceptionally important to controlling cockroaches before hazardous infestation in your properties.


Rodents mean Rats and Mice. Rats are so critical pest for human life circle. You can’t find any human being in the world who has not suffering mice depredation. Its bear so many toxic viruses as like as epidemic. So it is very essential to controlling Rodents before dangerous infestation in your property. Green Earth Pest Control, we provide 100% Rodents service.


A light garden and bush splash month to month or quarterly is typically sufficient to keep mosquitoes away. It functions admirably maybe a couple days preceding open air occasions.


A careful utilization of pesticide is required all around. Legitimate planning is critical. Approach your scheduler for insights concerning your property and pets.

Fire Ants:

For little yards a light shower functions admirably. For irritation control administrations in huge ranges and for long haul control we utilize topchoiceT granules which is ensured for one year.

Carpenter Ants:

They are typically a side effect of a dampness issue. The repair of the dampness issue will dispose of the ants. Woodworker ants are incorporated into our quarterly administration guarantee and are effectively treated with snares, showers, or froth.

Subterranean Termites:

Termites are typically symptomatic of a dampness or an upkeep issue. Our irritation control administrations techs will demonstrate to you generally accepted methods to check your home for termites and how to understand (or keep) a termite issue.

Drywood Termites:

We spot treat with Alpine or Premise foam, or Termite for pest control services in Dhaka Division. We do not recommend fumigation.

Bed Bugs:

Blood suckers must be set in the home environment. Consideration ought to be taken to clean things and attire before they are brought into the home in the event that you think you have been presented to blood suckers.